With the invaluable support of my friends, we have created a CHATGPT-3 based consultancy bot. Our bot is equipped to offer guidance on topics related to substance use, mental health, and the principles of harm reduction.

Bot already works in the Telegram messenger. Here is the link: https://t.me/mindhealbot


It is imperative to emphasize that the advice provided by the bot is not a substitute for professional medical care. Any information received from the bot should be independently verified and discussed with a licensed physician or healthcare specialist.

Telegram. For the start

At present, the bot is only available on Telegram, however, should it prove to be beneficial and well-received, we plan to expand its availability to other platforms and messaging applications.

We need your support

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to evaluate the capabilities of our bot. Your constructive feedback and opinions will play a critical role in improving this project and furthering the understanding of harm reduction and mindful substance use.

If you find this project worthy, we would be grateful if you could share the link to this page or the bot with your friends and those who may be interested.


For any inquiries or feedback, you may reach out to me via Telegram, Twitter, or Reddit. I am always eager to engage in productive dialogue.

A pinch of reflection

In conclusion, I sincerely believe that doctors and healthcare workers should be at the forefront of progress and I hope that the technologies of OpenAI and other tech giants will not only immerse people in virtual worlds and stimulate the production of cheap dopamine but also really help, establish connections, strengthen health and make each of us a better version of ourselves.

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Link to the bot on Telegram: https://t.me/mindhealbot

Thank you for your time and consideration 👾